Our company


Ausa started in 1994 by four entrepreneurs with wide experience in the pork industry.


Our over 25 years of operation guarantees the upward trajectory of CARNIQUES AUSA within the industry. Our presence in the domestic market as well as the international markets make the control of the production process and customer trust our core values. All these years, the company has experienced a sustainable growth.


In_2018, the company was acquired by five new partners to overcome the new challenges.

Our job

Ausa employs 70 workers. Most of them, are long time working for the company.

We process more than 17 million kilos per annum..


Our main lines of business are: the trimming of several kinds of meaty bones with MDM, production, deboning of heads,, packing and freezing of various pork cuts and by-products, as well as, the trading different frozen products from other reputable cutting plants.



Internal set-up

Quality and Food Safety Department: 

We have professional managers with wide background and experience assisted by leading consultants in the meat industry to ensure the compliance of all sanitary and environment standards.



R&D and Production Department:

It is the department with more resources in order to assure the daily processing of the products. All raw material is selected from our approved suppliers. The information provided by them, combined with our control and supervision guarantees the traceability and sustainability of all materials.



Sales Department:

Exports of our products represents over  70% of annual sales turnover, with a large international presence in the Asian market.

We can export our products to 65 countries.


We have our own sales force and a network of_sales agents worldwide..






Ausa is constantly innovating with machinery, packaging materials and equipment in order to lead the new technologies.


We currently have the latest equipment for processing our products. It is our goal to create a sustainable and environmentally conscious product supply chain, to increase and streamline product production and to expand our customer base globally.


Ausa Meat offers you:

  • Traceability

  • Flexibility

  • Quality

  • Safety

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